Rositsa is the woman, who cries only with happiness

Rositsa Sarandalieva tells with a smile how she heard the scariest news "You have cancer!" not one, and twice. He also cries twice, but when she shares how sympathetic to her pain her beloved husband is and how much it has happened to a child and friends. Even more unusual is her attitude towards the tumor, attacked her on 34 years. The young woman treats her illness as a problem, who must decide with a plan, strategy, effective action. Without a hint from auto-sentiment.

Perhaps, because she has gone through the torturous journey from the horrific diagnosis to the even more horrifying end also twice – with his mother and aunt. Probably that's why Rositsa has no barrier to talk about her experiences and feelings. For the tearing emptiness, when her ex-boyfriend finds out about her illness. It was as if he was burying her alive after the second sentence. It just disappears from her life, without even asking on the phone how the operation went. The brave lady does not hide even something as intimate as a patchwork, which her body has become after numerous operations, of which the one for removing her breast was. the lightest.

Reconstruction interventions are much more painful and lengthy. From so many stays in Rositsa hospitals, who is a manicurist by profession, has become almost a doctor. Unravels all experiences, he accepted the news of the second tumor quite normally and was by my side even in the most difficult moments, it helps me, pamper me, cancels me. His family also supports me. They get along great with my son, which is already on 18 r. and is a wonderful boy. The three of us live together. I am infinitely grateful to fate for this gift , says Rositsa and her eyes get wet uncontrollably.

I ask her the question with great inconvenience, which gnaws at me: How to overcome your anxiety to show your new lover your tormented body?

Rositsa still does not hide her smile: Rather, I was not worried about my scars, and from his reaction. In the form of a joke, I let him know, that he could not expect to see in me more intimately a perfectly healthy woman. That didn't bother him, maybe because I was able to prepare it. He didn't show me, that he was embarrassed. Rositsa is convinced, that she is doing well. Life has met her with Assoc. Georgi Baichev, whom she trusts unconditionally and this helps her build her mental stability. Her old friends are the same. But along with the Association of Cancer Patients, she has found new ones. I'm glad, and I get excited, and I'm happy , the tears flow this time.

Yes, Rositsa cries only with happiness!


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