Evgenia Adarska: The best investment is prevention

Socially significant diseases and how their prevention should become a priority in Bulgaria. According to Evgenia Adarska, President of the Association of Cancer Patients, it all starts with the individual, if the system has any shortcomings and this directly affects patients, they need to get these, to turn it around.

We do not have the warmest attitude towards ourselves and this reflects on everything. If I go with me, N number of people go and ask for a preventive examination, whether the system will not be reformed, she asked.

The most- the good investment is prevention. If we only look at the numbers, in any case it is better. We must all want the same thing- patients, doctors, politicians. So far, there has been no serious political will, after the adoption of the declaration in parliament in 2008 year nothing happened. All scientific thought is focused on detecting the disease early. Since healthcare is reasonably seen as an economic activity, many things have changed and no one has been prepared for it.. But I think so, that reasonable solutions can be found. But, if in these conversations the main idea is the benefit to society, reasonable solutions are likely to be found


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