APOZ presented the model for non-medical care to leading oncologists in our country


The model for non-medical care was presented at the National Conference on Medical Oncology, which APOZ approves through 2009 year in three hospitals in the country. In her presentation, the chairwoman of APOZ Evgenia Alexandrova emphasized the effects of the work of the psychologist, the social worker and the patient advocate in the medical institution with oncological profile. "Patients will increasingly seek medical facilities, where they can be offered the full range of support, including emotional care and guidance in the health care system. ”, commented Ms. Alexandrova.

During the conference she presented to the leading oncologists the work of the Center for Non-Medical Care in Acibadem City Clinic Oncology Center, in which from the beginning of 2016 year there is a team for non-medical care. For the latter 6 months more than 400 patients received emotional support, accompaniment in the health and social system, as well as psychological support. An essential element of the work in the hospital is the direct support of nurses and administrative staff with direct access to patients..


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