Evgenia Alexandrova: "The winners are those, that make us feel more important ”

It's over – it doesn't pass and I keep coming across a reason to wonder, as in that song of the legendary Todor Kolev, “how will we get them, the Americans?” One of the criteria, on which they will always lead us, undoubtedly, is the art of valuing life.
Here, they made it up, and celebrate and honor it, DAY OF CANCER WINNERS!
I just get goosebumps!
They defined it as international and quite right, because there is no geography here. So without sinking into more analytical comparisons, I would like to honor in our country as well, although s 3 days later, this fantastic initiative.
I want to write about the winners, because victory is possible and has many dimensions and faces. At this point, we don't think about cancer, who can kill and take victims. We don't think about our health system, which no matter how much we change and develop it, there are always chips to cut and we often bleed on them.
We do not deny the bitter experience…
At this point, we think about people, who have held victory over the predatory nature of cancer. At this point, thank you, of those, who have treated us, helped, they were a support for our dignity, are our chances, they have been with us throughout the journey. Or they just inspired us and made us smile! Or they were just good! Or they just believed with us and wished us only the best! Sounds simple, but requires power. Here are the WINNERS of CANCER! These, which make suffering more bearable and make us feel important people – not patients, not sick, not different…
I will be done in a few days 55.
I did not expect such mercy, when I got cancer, before 19 years.
I wish it to everyone, who is now ill!
Know, че е възможно и се виждайте winner!
I am writing these lines just for you.

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