The Medical University with a complex for biomedical and applied research


National University Complex for Biomedical and Applied Research (NUKBPI) was presented on Thursday at the pre-clinical university center of the Medical University in Sofia. During the event, the new scientific infrastructure built under the project was demonstrated. The event is realized in accordance with the National Strategy for Development of Scientific Research in the Republic of Bulgaria 2017 – 2030 r. and in implementation of the Communication Strategy of the Fund “Research” (NSF).

The complex includes the Center for Molecular Medicine at MU-Sofia, Center for Molecular Biology and Immunology at MU-Plovdiv, departments and laboratories at the two leading medical universities. It carries out research activities from 2010 r. so far with funds, provided by the Fund “Research” (NSF) to the Ministry of Education and Science in the amount of 6.235 million. BGN.

Among the built infrastructure, part of which was demonstrated during the presentation of the project today, are:

Sector “Biobanking” of the Center for Molecular Medicine, which is equipped with state-of-the-art processing equipment, isolation and storage of biological samples and stores a unique collection of over 20 000 DNA and over 3000 tissue samples.

Sector “Genomics” The Center for Molecular Medicine is equipped with next-generation sequencing equipment (ie. massive parallel reading of DNA base by base) and microchip analysis (DNA or RNA analysis technique, which uses fixed samples on a hard surface), with the possibility of diagnostic tests, as for common diseases such as autism, epilepsy, and for rare genetic diseases. MU-Sofia is the best equipped academic center, providing similar services in Bulgaria. From 2016 r. A laboratory for genomic diagnostics has been opened at the Center, offering postnatal and prenatal diagnosis in a wide range of genetic diseases.

Sector “Laser microdissection” has a cryostat and a laser microdissection system with a high-tech microscope, which allows precise isolation and work with cell cultures and tumor tissue cells.

Sector “Metabolomics” and Laboratory for analysis and synthesis of biologically active substances in the Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment of a new generation providing the possibility for mass spectrometric determination of the protein profile., peptides and metabolites.

Sector “Cell and Tissue Cultivation” and the Laboratory of Signal Transduction are modernly equipped for cell and tissue culture and functional studies..

Laboratory of Hemodynamics and Renal Functions and Laboratory of Vegetative Regulation at the Department of Physiology, MU- Sofia are equipped with modern equipment for working with experimental animals, functional research and study of cardiovascular and renal function. The equipment is used both for scientific projects, as well as in the process of training students and doctoral students.

The Central Laboratory of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Pharmacology of Alexandrovska Hospital and the Department of Clinical Laboratory and Immunology, MF, MU-Sofia is equipped with equipment for precise biochemical tests and treatment control. Methods for determining a wide range of drugs have been developed and implemented, vitamin D., steroid hormones. Personalized management of immunosuppressant therapy according to the highest international scientific and clinical standards for all patients with organ transplantation in Bulgaria.

The Center for Molecular Biology and Immunology at MU-Plovdiv has been equipped for modern molecular genetic research and biobanking. New molecular biological and immunological methods have been introduced and the range of research in oncological, rheumatological and immunological tests.

From the Fund “Research” indicate, that research, performed at the National University Complex for Biomedical and Applied Research, are of great social importance for the health of the Bulgarian nation.

The timely entry of scientific achievements into the health system, introduction of the principles of precision medicine, will guarantee the right of access to them for all those in need and will lead to a more optimal distribution of healthcare costs.

As a result of the project implementation, a critical mass of expertise and technological capabilities has been achieved, which gives a new impetus to research in the field of molecular medicine, genetics and epidemiology in Bulgaria in the post-genomic era.

There are successful examples of the rapid implementation of scientific advances in the diagnosis and prevention of rare genetic diseases., and common socially significant diseases, especially in concomitant diagnostics in targeted therapy and drug monitoring.

It is possible for Bulgarian citizens to be provided with the most modern diagnostic genetic tests at competitive prices and to determine the appropriate treatment according to the highest scientific and clinical standards..


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