CARE – this is the general public responsibility for cancer


It was almost before 20 years, when World Cancer Day first began, 4 February, entered my personal calendar. Since then, I have celebrated it with all sorts of feelings – from fear and resentment, through unadulterated hope and warm gratitude, to sincere admiration for the height of the human spirit, professionalism, humanity and kindness.

I met people with different profiles, dimension and format. I rethought everything, which we claim, that we know about cancer. Over the years, I became more and more aware, that cancer nis just a disease. It is a special social phenomenon, which affects every human being, although in a different way. 4 February with its global public response is one confirmation of this statement – gong, cheese or just a reminder, that each of us can do something, to limit the damage from cancer. Something very small at first glance – to stay awake and engaged!

Тази година бихме искали да отбележим Световния ден на рака с призив към пациентите да участват в STUDY инициирано от страните от Балканския регион, in order to compare the possibilities (access and care framework) and results (increased survival, permanent remissions) from the treatment in our region and those in the countries of Central Europe. Say, that when the numbers speak and the Gods are silent. Let's give an objective idea of ​​whether this matters exactly where you live in Europe, when you have cancer. And look for opportunities to smooth out the differences. It is important to note, that not only patients can participate in the study, and their relatives and people with experience in caring for a cancer patient. It is planned that the results of the study and the comparison of data will be published on 18 April, International Patient Support Day.

For scientists, cancer is still a challenge. For doctors – mission. For the defeated and their loved ones – cause. If we ask ourselves what cancer should be for society and for politicians, the answer is one – CARE! Care is every government program in the world for prevention, screening and early detection of cancer. Care is taken to follow consistent policies to ensure timely diagnosis, adequate and effective treatment, strict follow-up and palliative care of patients. Care is to closely monitor the availability of sufficient specialists in each medical specialty, involved in the multidisciplinary treatment of cancer. The concern is the satisfaction of these specialists. Concern is the synchronization of health and social policies in response to the specific needs of people with cancer.

Let's listen to the election promises, whose wave is about to flood us very soon and we are looking for fulcrums for care!

Author: Evgenia Alexandrova, Chairman of APOZ


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