Day: January 21, 2021

Neuroendocrine tumors (NOT)

What are neuroendocrine tumors?? Neuroendocrine tumors are a large group of neoplasms, starting from hormone-producing cells of the neuroendocrine system. It consists of cells, which are a "cross" between endocrine and nerve cells. They are found all over the body, performing specific functions. In the lungs, for example, they control blood flow through the lungs, in the stomach and intestines regulate the motility of …

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Colon cancer

WHAT IS COLON CANCER Colon cancer is the most common tumor of the digestive system in our country. It develops from the cells of the colonic mucosa and progresses relatively slowly. It metastasizes most often first to the lymph nodes of the intestine near the tumor. As the disease progresses, liver metastases or c …

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Рак на белия дроб

Какво представлява ракът на белия дроб? Ракът на белия дроб се развива найчесто в лигавицата на бронхите, но може да започне от всяко място на дихателната системаалвеоли, трахея или малките бронхиоли. Честотата му нараства в световен мащаб. Развива се бавно в продължение на годинипреди да се проявят първите симптоми. Различават

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Рак на простатата

Ракът на простатата е най-често диагностицираното онкологично заболяване сред мъжката популация. В повечето случаи болестта се отключва, проявява и развива след 50-годишна възраст. С нарастване на възрастта се увеличва и рискът за развитие на простатен карцином. С повишено внимание трябва да се наблюдават мъже с фамилна анамнеза за рак на простатата и/или приемащи анаболни стероиди или

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In chemotherapy, or as it is more correct to say: медицинската онкология се използват лекарства от всички фармакологични класове, to gain control of cancer. It either destroys tumor cells, or slows / stops their division in the primary tumor and / or its scattering (metastases). In general, it is divided into three main types: Неоадювантна химиотерапия – drug treatment, previous operation or …

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Proof of diagnosis, treatment

How cancer is diagnosed? In case of suspicion of any disease, the doctor first asks for symptoms and performs a general examination. Когато има подозрение за раково заболяване, in addition to these general and very important methods, the doctor can do more: Пълни кръвни проби и тестове – повечето видове рак дават отражение върху кръвните показатели. They exist today …

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Symptoms of cancer

What are the main symptoms and signs of cancer?Unexplained weight loss: Most people with cancer lose weight during a certain period of the disease. Unexplained weight loss of 4-5 kg ​​may be the first sign of cancer, especially in pancreatic cancer, stomach, хранопровода или белите дробове. Temperature rise (fever): Повишението на температурата се наблюдава често при рак

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What is cancer?, types of cancer

What is cancer?? Тялото е изградено от множество и различни видове клетки. Normal, they grow, they divide and after a while die. Sometimes, клетките мутират (they change) and begin to grow and divide faster than normal cells. Instead of dying, these damaged cells are “stick together” (skupchvat) една с друга и оформят тумор (neoplasm). Туморите се делят на доброкачествени и злокачествени. Be benign …

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Follow-up of cancer patients consists of periodic follow-up examinations and tests, specific to each location. The oncologist informs the patient and relatives about the mandatory examinations and periods, through which each of them is realized. Most often such tests are performed by specialists, working in different sectors of medical institutions. It is important to …

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Diagnostics, treatment

Diagnosis The diagnosis is established, through a number of studies – imaging studies, histological examinations and tumor markers. Imaging When you need to do such research, it is important to know a few things. Even a scanner or MRI (nuclear magnetic resonance) of the most modern device, the doctor is important, who will read the picture to you. So do this research in the big centers …

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Social rights

Protection against dismissal In Article 333, al.1, item 3 of the LC is provided, that in the cases under Art. 328, he. 1, points 2, 3, 5 and 11 and Art. 330, he. 2, t. 6 the employer may dismiss an employee only with the prior permission of the labor inspectorate for each individual case, suffering from a disease, определена в наредба

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Disability pension

When persons are entitled to an invalidity pension? Individuals are entitled to an invalidity pension, when they have completely or partially lost their ability to work forever or for a long time. Disability pension is determined for persons with 50 and over 50 per cent permanently reduced working capacity / type and degree of disability. Правото на пенсия за инвалидност се

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Employment is the responsibility of the employer in the presence of cancer. The purpose of employment is to provide suitable for your health work on the prescription of health authorities or TEMC. Then you can perform other suitable work or the same without danger to your health, but under facilitated conditions. The nature of the work, working conditions …

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