The program “Victoria” for rehabilitation after breast cancer


The program “Victoria” for rehabilitation after breast cancer

The VICTORIA program is a modern complex model for medical, социална и психологическа рехабилитация на пациенти след оперативно лечение на рак на гърдата. It was developed by specialists in physical medicine from "Specialized Hospitals for Rehabilitation - National Complex” EAD, clinical psychologists from the Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (APOZ) and oncologists.

Рехабилитационната програма продължава десет дни и се провежда в базите на Специализирани болници за рехабилитация – National complex in the towns of Bankya, Banya and Hisarya. Програмата предоставя възможност засегнатите жени да получат медицинска, psychological and social rehabilitation for ten days.

Medical rehabilitation

  • Restoration of motor activity of the affected upper limb.
  • Prevention of lymphatic stasis and its associated consequences.
  • Restoration of general motor activity and good condition of the body.
  • Осигуряване на пациентите на сигурност и информираност по отношение заболяването си.

Social and psychological rehabilitation

  • Return to the activities of everyday life, socialization, creating certainty about the fact, that they are not marked forever by the disease, are not different, belonging to society, security, that the disease is treatable.
  • Psychotherapy- групова и индивидуална.
  • Outdoor activities.
  • Art therapy- drawing, applied arts.
  • Occupational therapy through knitting, sewing, embroidery, gardening, cooking.
  • Music therapy, flower therapy.

Организиране на свободното време

  • organizing a competition for made or painted souvenirs (items);
  • organizing a culinary competition;
  • занимателни и развлекателни игри и танци в зала;
  • designing a library, through patient-recommended books, books, who would like to share, literature, which they would like to read, etc..

Оценка на постигнатото и съвети

При вторичния преглед от лекар физиотерапевт се дават указания

  • on the frequency and type of rehabilitation carried out.
  • concerning specialists, which can help.
  • allowed and forbidden spa procedures and physiotherapy procedures.

Who can join the program "Victoria”

Patients after breast cancer surgery, completed active treatment, of adjuvant therapy, the most- early 45 days after surgery, with a healed operative wound. Patients with tumor classification in 1 stages, T1-T2, with or without lymph dissection-L0-L1, без далечни метастази M0.

The ten-day treatment period should be at least 10 days after the next chemotherapy (if any) and 10-20 days after the last radiation therapy.

For additional information and registration:

Lyubka Angelova, tel: +359 879 815 804


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