Psychological counseling

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The Center for Non-Medical Care provides emotional support to patients and their loved ones.

Emotional support for patients and their loved ones

The psychologist of the center is available to patients and their relatives, to provide them with psychological counseling and emotional support at every stage of the disease. Consulting a psychologist aims to help patients and their families have difficulty coping with the disease.. Psychological care for patients is aimed at facilitating the treatment process, адаптирането към болестта и поддържането на високо качество на живот.

Mutual care groups for patients and relatives of patients

Mutual assistance groups are conducted under the guidance of a psychologist or social worker, which ensures the provision of a protected environment, in which people can share their experiences and emotional experiences with each other. Self-help groups are made up of people, face similar difficulties and aim to provide emotional support to each of their members by building relationships of trust, mutual support and empathy.

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