Employment is the responsibility of the employer in the presence of cancer. The purpose of employment is to provide suitable for your health work on the prescription of health authorities or TEMC. Then you can perform other suitable work or the same without danger to your health, but under facilitated conditions. The nature of the work, the working conditions and the duration of the transfer shall be determined by the competent health authority (attending physician / Medical Advisory Committee (LCC)/ TELK / NELK).

To be employed, you must present a sick note to your employer for employment, and he in turn to offer you a position, which complies with the prescriptions of the health authorities.

As part of your employment, you receive a salary, but at the same time in certain cases I am entitled to compensation.

When are you entitled to employment benefits??

  • You acquire the right, when you have a sick leave for employment, issued by the competent health authorities - attending physician / Medical Advisory Commission (LCC)/ TELK / NELK.
  • I receive a lower salary, from this, which I received before employment.

What to do?

  1. You present the sick list issued to me to your employer.
  2. Fill in a declaration of the circumstances for payment of cash benefits for temporary incapacity for work, pregnancy and childbirth and employment on sick leaves (application 1), in which I indicate the data for my personal bank account, on which to be transferred my compensation from the National Social Security Institute.
  3. It is important to know, that your employer has the obligation to submit the necessary documents to the relevant Territorial Division of the NSSI.
  4. 4. In turn, the health authority, who issued the sick leave, has the obligation to send the data from it electronically to the Register of hospital records at the National Social Security Institute.

Manner and terms for payment of the indemnity

Обезщетението се изплаща на посочената от Вас лична банкова сметка в срок до 10 работни дни от постъпване в НОИ на данните от издадения Ви болничен лист. In case you have to be paid compensation for a period, which lasts more than 1 month, within 10 days you will be paid the compensation only for the first month of the period. For the remaining months, the compensation will be paid to you by 5 working days after the end of the month, to which it relates. Your compensation for the last month of the total period will be paid to you by 5 working days after the expiration of the entire period of compensation.

Amount of compensation

Размерът на дневното парично обезщетение при трудоустрояване е разлика между:

  • the average daily gross remuneration received during the 18 calendar months, which precede the month of employment and the received average daily gross remuneration after employment. Ако среднодневното Ви брутно трудово възнаграждение преди трудоустрояването е по-голямо от среднодневния размер на максималния месечен осигурителен доход (2600 leva), then the calculation uses the average daily amount of the maximum monthly insurance income.

For what period is the compensation paid?

The benefit is paid for the time of employment, but not for more than 6 months, when I am employed due to a general illness.

In the event of changes in circumstances, related to the payment of compensation (for example, you have a new bank account), you have an obligation within 3 working days to notify your employer. In addition, you fill in a new declaration of the circumstances for the payment of cash benefits for temporary incapacity for work, pregnancy and childbirth and employment on sick leaves.

If your employer does not comply with the prescription of the health authorities and does not employ you in a suitable job or under suitable working conditions, имате право да искате обезщетение от него. It is in the amount of your gross remuneration for the period from the day of receipt of the employment order until its implementation..

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