Health Insurance

Health insurance contribution

The amount of the health contribution is 8%. It is shared between the employer and the employee in the relationship 60:40 as follows: 3,2% at the expense of the insured person and 4,8% at the expense of the employer. The contribution is covered by the state for children, retirees, socially disadvantaged and other groups of people, referred to in Art. 40, he. 3 from The Health Insurance Act / HIA /.

When the obligation to pay social security contributions belongs to the employer or another person, failure to pay them does not deprive a person of the right to use the services of the health insurance fund. Face, who has not fulfilled his obligation to submit a declaration under Art. 40, he. 5, t. 2 from the Health Insurance Act, shall be punished by a fine of 500 to 1000 BGN, and for repeated violation – with a fine of 1000 to 3000 BGN.

Provision of self-insured persons

The health insurance contribution of the self-insured persons is entirely at their expense and amounts to 8 %. When individuals start insuring themselves, must submit a declaration to that effect by the end of the month, following the month of occurrence of this circumstance, in order, determined with The Ordinance on public insurance for self-insured persons .

Self-insured persons are obliged to pay health insurance contributions on insurance income not less than half of the minimum amount of insurance income for self-insured persons. These installments are due by the 10th of the month, next this one, to which they refer. With chl. 8 of the Law on the Budget of the State Social Insurance / LSDA / for 2011 r. the amounts of the monthly insurance income have been determined. In addition, self-insured persons perform annual equalization of insurance income according to the data from the tax return..

The health insurance rights of the self-insured persons are terminated, where they have not paid more than three monthly installments for a period of 36 months to the beginning of the month, preceding the month of the provided medical care. In this case, they are obliged to pay for the medical care provided to them. Their rights are restored, after paying all health contributions, which are due in the latter 36 months to months, when they wish to receive medical care.

The self-insured, who have not paid their health contributions for a period longer than three months, shall be punished by a fine of 500 to 1000 BGN, and when repeated violation – with a fine of 1000 to 3000 BGN. To 1 March those of them, who do not have regular health contributions will not be fined when paying them.

A person can lose his insurance rights for a month and if he has not appeared at the annual preventive examinations, which is regulated in the National Framework Agreement.

European Health Insurance Card

Bulgarian citizens, who have continuous health insurance rights under Bulgarian law, may, if necessary, receive medical care in the countries of the European Community - when they reside on different grounds in the other countries of the European Union (ES), The European Economic Area (EIP) and the Swiss Confederation: in the short term (temporary stay) or long-term (residence). Medical care in these countries at the expense of the National Health Insurance Fund (НЗОК) can be obtained from foreign hospitals or doctors only after presenting a valid certificate of continuing rights in Bulgaria - European Health Insurance Card (EZOK) or EHIC Temporary Replacement Certificate.


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