Bulgarian zebra is a symbol of a campaign to inform about neuroendocrine tumors in more than 40 countries in the world


World Neuroendocrine Tumor Day (NOT) is celebrated every year on 10.11.2021 r.

In NET Cancer Day patients, who are affected by the disease, share about their experiences, and make recommendations on how to better diagnose and treat NET tumors..

Neuroendocrine cancers are found in the pancreas, abdomen, intestines, lungs and reproductive organs. Although, that the disease is known, it is not yet diagnosed in time and is often confused with anxiety, astva, diabetes or irritable bowel syndrome. About 60 per cent of patients with NET tumors are detected at an advanced stage of the disease - usually in the fourth stage.

In Bulgaria, too, patients with NET are also diagnosed late, said during the event, dedicated to this rare disease Evgenia Alexandrova, President of the Association of Cancer Patients. She, together with the team of The Medical Oncology Clinic of Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital noted World Anti-NET Day. During the event, souvenirs and educational materials were distributed to patients in the ward.

"When you hear the stamping of hooves, don't be in a hurry to think, that he is a horse… it could be a zebra!” reads a proverb. We encourage doctors and medical professionals to be careful, when observing symptoms, similar to NET ", commented Evgenia Alexandrova.

The zebra is an international symbol of the patient community with NET. It's Zebra Netty “born” in Bulgaria, was created by a Bulgarian author, and then became the face of NET Cancer Alliance – the world alliance, which brings together patient organizations from more than 40 countries.


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