Famous Bulgarians stand behind an initiative to raise public awareness of cancer


Oncologists and leading specialists share tips on cancer prevention and treatment with Orlin Pavlov, Dragomir Simeonov, Sofia Marinkova and others.

Famous Bulgarians join the Onko.NET initiative, through which the Cancer Patients Association continues its efforts to raise awareness of major issues in screening, the prevention and treatment of socially significant oncological diseases.

In special videos, stars from various spheres of public life in our country will conduct interviews with specialists, which indicate the risks in the development of the disease, what the patient's behavior should be, so that cancer does not become a death sentence for him, as well as on new therapies in treatment.

In the initiative, singer and actor Orlin Pavlov meets us with medical oncologists Dr. Margarita Taushanova and Dr. Mila Petrova, and from the gastroenterologist Assoc. Radin Tsonev, which give valuable advice on prevention, timely diagnosis and modern treatment of breast cancer, lungs and liver.

In another video from the series, journalist Dragomir Simeonov and his partner, actress Sofia Marinkova, interview dermatologist Dr. Iva Gavrilova about diagnostics, treatment and living with melanoma.

"The life and health of our loved ones can be protected with more awareness, with right ideas and even more right behavior", Orlin Pavlov is convinced. He admits, that he joined the initiative, because he wants to be useful. "Oncological diseases are an occasion, which we must constantly talk about. Even more so because medicine today is so advanced, that can guarantee or complete cure, or very good quality of life for many years with cancer", considered the star of Bulgarian music and cinema.

“I believe, that timely information, which is served authentically, engaged and attentive to the patient, this one, which can save many lives. Nowadays, when in our country we have modern methods for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, we are indebted to prevention and awareness of the disease – that is, to know enough, to take the right measures. As soon as possible, that much better”, commented the chairman of the Association of patients with oncological diseases, Evgenia Alexandrova.

The Association of Cancer Patients (APOZ) was created before 20 years and for its existence is the basis of important changes for patients, including the guarantee of modern and quality treatment for patients, regulating the participation of psychologists and social workers in multidisciplinary teams, the introduction of the complex rehabilitation program for breast cancer and the introduction of patient navigation in organized oncology care. The creation of video content, aimed at patients with various oncological diseases, is a step towards improving the public's knowledge about cancer and taking specific actions.

Onco.NET will enrich its content with educational videos on various oncological diseases and issues, related to cancer control and treatment, with the request to become a credible media, from which everyone can receive reliable and useful information.

You can see the videos on the APOZ YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@apozbg/videos



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