Evgenia Alexandrova: "Interest" is not a dirty word, but the price should not be paid by patients


We, It's February, we don't understand business, we don't understand how the system works and what the bars and holes are, which are created, to benefit such, who have personal interests. "Interest" is not a dirty word, but things like that, like the reveal, that drugs are sold at various inflated prices, happen and not for the first time. Therefore there is only one reason – there, where there is no statehood, personal interests "break out".. This is what APOZ chairperson Evgenia Alexandrova commented on the Euronews Bulgaria program on the occasion of the bTV investigation, which pointed out, that some oncology drugs are sold 28 times more expensive to different hospitals.

"There are gaps, which allow one drug to be sold at one price to one hospital, to another inflated – to another hospital. When doctors, patients and the state have the same goals, it is not difficult to find the balance in the system, to ensure this, what the patient needs", Alexandrova added.

It is not the job of patients to understand market mechanisms. Also, economic relations in health care as a market must be looked at very carefully, and market mechanisms must be so regulated, that there are no practices that harm the patient, Alexandrova added.

"We remember the times, in which we had no access to medicine at all. Now we have wonderful conditions, in which well-trained doctors can practice quality medicine, adequate to that in modern Europe. But a ball of trouble remains, which never unravels and which purely psychologically affects the patient terribly", Evgenia Alexandrova also stated.

People can't judge calls from it, that the state has invested so much in recent years, to provide medical care for them in case of emergency, that we learn, that a huge amount of money is not invested in the interest of the patient, said the chairperson of APOZ. "While, notice, the state cannot find a solution to call for precise diagnostics, t.nar. "biomarkers", analyzed Alexandrova. "No matter how much the state invests, they will not feel maximally protected, while there are similar scandals", analyzed the chairperson of APOZ.

You can see the whole conversation in the video:


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