Charity dinner in support of the cause of the Cancer Patients Association

Cancer is an unwanted journey, without luggage, in an unknown direction. No matter how brave and rational a person is, the dark shadow of the diseasea killer descends mercilessly on his shoulders, shatters his world and keeps him in a stupor, regardless of how convincing the arguments of modern medicine are for an expected successful cure.

Stiff with fears, one does not dare to believe in the good outcome of the treatment… , until someone gives him a hand and with patience, understanding and care did not lead him down the unfamiliar path of treatment.

Only then everyone, who is being treated, realizes, that this path has been successfully traveled by thousands of people before him and he wishes to be one of them.

And this is a half-won battle with the disease.

This fragile victory is worth every effort. We dedicated it to her 18 years of dedication.

Help us, to continue helping. Be special guests at our charity dinner.

Through 2021 year:

  • We accompanied more than 700 patients along the way in the system of organized oncology care
  • We have provided more than 400 patient consultations and individual patient educations
  • We have provided more than 450 psychological consultations carried out
  • We have provided more than 140 consultations with a social worker
  • We have helped more than 800 women to get involved in Victoria Programprogram for complex rehabilitation of women with breast cancer, initiated by APOZ and introduced into the care framework with a budget from the Ministry of Health

For its 18-year history:

  • We introduced the concept non-medical care' and we filled it with content
  • We helped the introduction of non-medical care in some specialized hospitals
  • We work for continuous improvement of care for cancer patients
  • We are working side by side with the medical specialists on the creation of the National Plan to fight cancer

We have made specific commitments for its realization as creation of a national network of navigators in oncology



Yordanka Fandakova

Mayor of Sofia

Yordanka Fandakova is the mayor of Sofia, the longest-serving mayor of the capital.

Has patient experience.

“I support the initiatives of the Association of patients with oncological diseases, because I believe in the human right to decent treatment and care, as well as in society's obligation to care for its vulnerable fellow citizens”, commented Mrs. Fandakova.


Georgi Georgiev

Chairman of the Metropolitan Municipal Council

Georgi Georgiev is a Bulgarian lawyer, scientist and public figure. He is the chairman of the Metropolitan Municipal Council (SOS). He is a lecturer at the Department of Civil Law Sciences of the Faculty of Law of the University of St.. Kliment Ohridski" and is a managing partner in the Georgiev and Kolev Law Firm.

"I am committed to supporting cancer patients and their relatives, because I am convinced, that investment in quality treatment and emotional care is the path to success in the battle with this insidious disease", shares Mr. Georgiev



Deyan Kamenov – Dido

Deyan Kamenov – Dido is the vocalist of D2. Deyan Kamenov participates in a number of musical and charity initiatives aimed at developing talents and helping children with special needs, among which are the "Big Break" projects, "I Can Too" and the film and band Revolution Z.

He is a fan of Stephen King, Teri Goodkind, John Steinbeck and James Clavel.

“Cancer can affect anyone, has settled long ago in almost every family or home. The hope is to help people with cancer get through the disease more easily. And this is done by people for people", Dido shares.


Yanitsa Yoncheva

Yanitsa Yoncheva is a psychologist. Has patient experience with cancer. She loves her husband, his three sons, his mother, your sister, the people, with which the children also work, for whom he works.

"We all need to be loved, but personal joy is highly dependent on our loving others. Something wonderful is happening in our hearts, when we care for each other. That's why I support the initiative of Women and the Association of Cancer Patients", Janitsa shares.



Zhivko Petrov

Zhivko Petrov is a Bulgarian pianist, composer, music producer and arranger. Through 1994 r. graduated from the National Academy of Sciences "prof. Pancho Vladigerov" majoring in piano. He works with many Bulgarian musicians such as Lili Ivanova, Yildiz Ibrahimova, Camelia Todorova, Beloslava, Maria Ilieva, Hilda Kazasyan, Orlin Pavlov, Dear Kirov, Orlin Goranov, Vasko Vasilev, as well as international stars – Chico Freeman, Francesco Bearzatti, Natalie „The Floacist“ и Natalie Cole. Founder of the JP3 trio.


Peter Salchev

Style, original approach and always on the level. With the meaning of these words, the creative path of Petar Salchev has been marked in recent years 20 years. Both as a soloist of a large orchestra and as a leader of a chamber jazz trio, with enviable success ranks among the best interpreters of modern pop and jazz classics. Desired partner for joint projects from well-established and emblematic names for our scene, among them Hilda Kazasian, Beloslava, Camelia Todorova. Works with Angel Zaberski-son, Zhivko Petrov, Hristo Yotsov, Simeon Shterev, Asen Doykin, Milcho Leviev, Peter Petrov, Camelia Todorova, Oliver Josifovsky, Kostas Maginas, Marius Pop and others.

Charity auction


Oil, cloth

Painter: Yana Kostadinova

Provided by Gallery “Eterna”

Starting price: 2000 leva

"Landscape with teapot”

Oil, cloth

Painter: Emil Atanasov

Provided by Gallery “Eterna”

Starting price: 1500 leva

acrylic/spray, cloth

Painter: Daniel Aderski

Starting price: 850 BGN.

Provided by LR Bulgaria
Starting price: 850.00 BGN.

Drink for Two

Painter: Rumen Rachev

70/50 cm., author's print, technique “giclee”, signed and numbered
Starting price: 1000 BGN.

Painter: Angel Geshev, 
Mixed technique, collage
30/20 cm.
Starting price: 650.00 BGN.

acrylic/spray, cloth

Painter: Daniel Aderski

Starting price: 850 BGN.

Buy a ticket

Support the charity dinner of the Cancer Patients Association, which aims to raise funds, with which to provide emotional, psychological support and patient navigation at least 500 cancer patients.

Envelope price: 250.00 leva


Bank account: BG 91 FINV 9150 101 744 09 94


Reason: Envelope - charity dinner


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