Evgenia Adarska: Mercy for cancer patients

I follow the controversies with a heavy heart, целящи обществен консенсус по отношение на лекарствата за онкологичноболни. Вече 10 years. Честотата им може да се сравни с тази

Evgenia Adarska: We are not flatterers

After yesterday's meeting in GERB with patient organizations, the chairman of APOZ Evgenia Adarska sent a position to the media: Смятам за несправедливо да се демонстрира неуважение


Cheerful against the Inkwell: This tale has appeared, after Vesela encountered cancer. It is not known how most of the tales came about. Now


I met Love at an official dinner a few months ago. Знаех за болестта й преди да се запозная със самата нея. I will not hide – бях притеснена

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