Mission, vision, goals

Our vision

Emotional care and support in partnership with medicine for quality of life with cancer.

Our mission

APOZ works to change the attitude towards oncological diseases, advocating for patients' rights and working for quality and affordable treatment and public acceptance of the disease.

Short story

Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (APOZ) was established in April 2004 r. in Sofia and registered under the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities in the Sofia City Court.
Its creation is a serious step in the development of the patient movement of cancer patients precisely because of its commitment to all types of cancer.

Thanks to all our patients, volunteers and friends:

  • Cancer is being talked about more and more often and openly.
  • Patients are becoming more situation-oriented, in which the disease places them.
  • Patients know more about cancer.
  • Society is becoming more tolerant of cancer patients and more sensitive to the problem.

The dialogue between the responsible institutions and the patients is difficult. Unfortunately, in our country patient organizations are not part of the management structures, which decide the fate of healthcare. This seriously hinders the efficiency of their work. In this complex situation, APOZ manages to play a corrective role and put patients in the position of a partner in the search for the best way to solve problems..

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