Fundamental rights of the patient

As a Bulgarian citizen you have the constitutional right to use medical care, which may be free of charge in cases specified by law. То не


In chemotherapy, or as it is more correct to say: медицинската онкология се използват лекарства от всички фармакологични класове, to gain control of cancer. She

Proof of diagnosis, treatment

How cancer is diagnosed? In case of suspicion of any disease, the doctor first asks for symptoms and performs a general examination. Когато има подозрение

Symptoms of cancer

What are the main symptoms and signs of cancer?Unexplained weight loss: Most people with cancer lose weight during a certain period of the disease. Необяснимото отслабване с 4–5

What is cancer?, types of cancer

What is cancer?? Тялото е изградено от множество и различни видове клетки. Normal, they grow, they divide and after a while die. Sometimes, клетките мутират (they change) and


Follow-up of cancer patients consists of periodic follow-up examinations and tests, specific to each location. The oncologist informs the patient and relatives

Diagnostics, treatment

Diagnosis The diagnosis is established, through a number of studies – imaging studies, histological examinations and tumor markers. Imaging When you need to do such research is important

Social rights

Protection against dismissal In Article 333, al.1, item 3 of the LC is provided, that in the cases under Art. 328, he. 1, points 2, 3, 5 and 11

Disability pension

When persons are entitled to an invalidity pension? Individuals are entitled to an invalidity pension, когато са загубили напълно или частично работоспособността си завинаги или


Employment is the responsibility of the employer in the presence of cancer. Целта на трудоустрояването е да се осигури подходяща за здравословното Ви състояние работа по предписание


Appearing before the TEMC is possible, when you were in continuous hospitalization 180 calendar days. You don't have to be in the hospital, however, за да

Temporary disability

A sick note is required, when you are temporarily incapacitated and unable to perform your duties: in the process of proving the diagnosis, както и при

Health Insurance

Health insurance contribution The amount of the health insurance contribution is 8%. It is shared between the employer and the employee in the relationship 60:40 as follows: 3,2% за сметка на осигуреното лице

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