Increasing quotas on most medicines, manufactured by companies, members of the Association of Research Pharmaceutical Companies for the Treatment of Cancer

More than 10 For years APOZ has been working to increase the well-being of patients in Bulgaria.

Among the main achievements of APOZ are:

  • Continuation of patient policies – medicines for cancer patients to be reimbursed and paid for by the NHIF.
  • Encouraging patients to participate in clinical trials of innovative drugs – a change in prejudice regarding trials with patients themselves and their loved ones, as well as with prejudices in the public space and in the media.
  • Regularly raising important issues, related to the treatment of patients, through media forums.
  • Work with the management of the National Health Insurance Fund – Drug Policy Directorates, "Outpatient care" and "Hospital care" to provide quality medical care to patients.
  • Assistance for consultations with specialists in oncology patients and assistance in the timely supply of medicines to patients.
  • Participation in the consultations on the preparation of normative and sub-normative documents.

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