Advocacy for the well-being of cancer patients

  • Every year we support over 1500 the patient as stated by them needs – navigation, personal assistance, psychological and social assistance.

  • We assisted in the timely supply of medicines to every patient, informed us of difficult access in the years, in which the battle for medication was personal to each patient (2005 – 2008).

  • We organized and held the East European Cancer Patient Forum in Sofia (2008). As a result of this National Assembly adopted a Declaration on Policy Prioritization, related to improving care for cancer patients.

  • We significantly influenced the increase of the financial resource, set aside by the state for cancer treatment with 30 000 000 BGN. (2008) Today the funds, invested in the treatment and control of oncological diseases are even more.

  • We worked for all oncology drugs to be reimbursed and paid for by the NHIF.

  • We conducted a survey of the state's resources in organized oncology care and assisted in improvement of the villagetheir state (2006).

  • We worked actively to create a National Plan to fight cancer (2008-2023). We have added non-medical care and navigation to the adopted National Cancer Plan (2023).

  • We have established and maintain a permanent partnership with scientific medical societies and professional organizations in the field of health care, with which we hold expert and community debates, to improve the quality of medical assistance and care.

  • We conducted different information campaigns, patient forums and community events, aimed at preventing colon cancer, lung, breast etc.

Investing in the doctor-patient relationship for better care outcomes

  • We researched important for patients, but neglected processes in the health care system, such as the effectiveness of the doctor-patient dialogue.

  • We offered programs and conducted training for medical professionals, related to the psychological aspects of communicating with patients and their relativesand (2009-2023).

Quality of life

  • We were the first to introduce work with psychologists (2005) and we supported the creation of BAPO – Bulgariaand psycho-oncology association (2013).

  • We initiated the creation by experts of the Program for Complex Rehabilitation VICTORIA, as well as its introduction into the care framework at the national level. As a result, the program already 10 years is financed from the budget of MMinistry of Health and provides access to over 1500 patients per year.

  • We have created a Standard for Non-Medical Care for Cancer Patients, which formally placed psychologists in multidisciplinary teams, treating cancer (2010).

  • Together with the Metropolitan City Council, we implemented the introduction of psychological care in five municipal hospitals (2023)

  • We popularized expertly crafted survival strategies (20072010).

  • Thanks to our active membership in a number of international organizations, we studied the good world practices for the care of cancer patients and adapted them for the Bulgarian patients (2005-2023). Among them is the concept of the patient navigator in oncology.

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