The disease


Cancers are diagnosed through imaging studies (X-ray, mammogram, sonographer, scanner, nuclear magnetic resonance, scintigraphy, etc.), on which the tumor is visible and se


Whatever decision you make about where and how to get treatment, you should know, that cancer treatment is complex. Given the complex nature of

Testicular cancer

Testicular cancer is a disease, which arises, when cancer (malignant) cells develop in the tissues of the testicles. Testicular cancer can occur in anyone

Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is not one thing, and several different diseases, united under a common name. From a histological point of view, the ovaries consist of different tissues, each

Metastatic bone disease

Cancer, which develops in certain organs of the human body, including the lungs, breast or prostate, among others, sometimes it can spread to

Skin cancer (melanoma)

Melanoma affects more than just the surface layers of the skin. It can easily penetrate the underlying tissues and pass into other organs and systems. Malignant

Prostate cancer

In Bulgaria, prostate cancer ranks second in frequency and represents 17% of all malignancies. It is mainly found in men over

Colon cancer

Colorectal carcinoma is not one, and more than 10 various diseases, united under the common name “Colon cancer”. From an anatomical point of view, the large intestine

Lung cancer

  Lung cancer develops most often in the lining of the bronchi, but it can start from any place in the respiratory system - alveoli, trachea

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