The number of patients with lung cancer is constantly growing


The number of patients with lung cancer is increasing in Bulgaria. Stress and poor environment are among the main factors for cancer. This was announced to bTV by Evgenia Adarska, President of the Association of Cancer Patients. "It simply came to our notice then, that all toxins, which remain in our body, cannot be thrown away. When they accumulate, cause our organs to short out", Aderska explained.

"We need to pay attention to screenable diseases. In many cases, it is possible to catch them early. Medicines for hospitals are reduced, but it is a problem and a challenge everywhere in the world and before every government. Here is the role of politicians, which must be flexible in addressing these issues, that arise. The thesis is greatly exaggerated, that there will be no medicine, after the proposals are up for discussion on the ministry's website", Aderska added.


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