Cheerful against the Inkwell: This tale has appeared, after Vesela encountered cancer. It is not known how most of the tales came about. Now we will tell you how it appeared. The tale of Queen Wea. The queen had a king in her, they both lived happily ever after until the appearance of the evil witch Inkwell. Ink blackened their days, the queen fell ill and understood, that to heal, you must find the magic flower through nine mountains in the tenth. She set off, the bushes I tore, wolves attacked her, but she still reached the flower. She found him, but she could not tear it off.

An old man was standing next to him, who told her: “I see how much you want to pluck this flower. And I have a gift for you. Ще ти кажа една вълшебна дума, but it will only help you on one condition if you can do it, which means. This word is FORGIVENESS. ” Vea understood, that deep inside lurks insult, grief, jealousy, anger. and that they make her look like an evil witch. Got it, that with evil one can fight only with good. Then she opened her heart and forgave herself, of the king, of the witch and of all others, to whom she had to forgive. Then she rushed to the flower and plucked it. This tale has appeared, след като Весела се сблъскала с .. топче в гърдата.

And when her 50th birthday came, she did not hesitate. Many women are not happy in their 50s, but Vesela was in seventh heaven, because she has reached them. And she had a party with her colleagues at work. And a party at a restaurant with relatives, friends and DJ. And separately another party at a restaurant just for girlfriends. So the story became a part of her life. Every day there is cause for joy, we just have to see it, says Vesela, as we finish our tea and look at the autumn trees. The leaves fall from the trees is beautiful.

It's raining from the sky, it's beautiful again. Дори улиците да са покрити със сняг красиво е. To see the beauty in everything, this ability Vesela received as a gift from cancer. Filled with love and gratitude for everything, which she has experienced, turned it into a shining light on the path of change, she thinks, that this new quality will help her celebrate her 75th birthday. Like Queen Vea – royal.

Vessela Draganova is a certified psychologist. В групите й за оцеляване, recovery and personal development find help and change not only patients with cancer, but also clinically healthy people. She thinks so herself, that not only education and additional training help her in her activity, but also the fact, that she herself had gone through cancer.


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