Two governments do not find time to adopt the National Anti-Cancer Plan


Morning. The roof of the opposite building glows with the magical touch of the sun. The world is such a beauty! Even when you're in trouble… In fact, especially then.

The lives of cancer patients are completely different from those of other people, for whom cancer is a job, responsibility, profession or just a news topic. The disease hits you and throws you into another reality, where you have to take care of yourself. You can compare the experience of hearing a diagnosis with an unexpected fall on the face. Surprise, pain, disorientation, face in the ground, eyes, filled with sand, in the mouth taste of finger…Complete blocking of all important functions. It's getting dark, scary, foggy and only a heart beating loudly. Yours. The pulse is deafening. Now, in which you realize, that only you hear this rumble, it becomes even more lonely and frantic. The noose tightens around your neck and normal breathing often becomes a luxury, which you can't afford. I allowed it, that even death is a more bearable feeling. I do not know… One can die many times, facing misunderstanding, dislike, indifference, untruth, bad, inanimate…

What exactly is the problem of a cancer patient

I want to write about just that – do we realize what the problem of a person with cancer really is?? Is the lack of drugs, which is a skillfully used myth with different, far from humanism, goals? Or mistrust, that in our country they can cope with the diagnosis and treatment? Is the lack of feeling, that someone cares about your life? Is there another solution, which is not available for one reason or another?

My mailbox spews such questions from confused and disillusioned people every day.

Everyday life brings me meetings with them and for years I have been wondering what needs to change around us, that they really feel cared for and safe. I think, that I know the answer. It's about attitude. Do we have it, or we don't have it? Attitude, which gives rise to an action.

I am sitting in one of the crowded halls of the European Congress of Oncology, where tens of thousands of doctors around the world seek and share effective solutions against multifaceted cancer. Слушам изложението на един от най-успешните от тях, he devotedly treated Kylie Minogue and thousands of other unknown people. His presentation shows the methodology, with which young patients with distant metastases – the most medically difficult situation – manage to be brought into the dream state of remission. The light of a winner streams from his face, which gradually floods the faces of his colleagues in the audience. I rest with relief, that hope has its serious medical basis and somehow I do not feel alone in my role as a patient. And at that moment a whisper in Bulgarian sounded behind my back: “We send them home like that…” My breath stops. The question of why under the same conditions and possibilities pulsates rhythmically in my head, some of us… they just send them home? Why in some countries the doctor has the opportunity to fight to the end, and in others it accepts the restrictions, imposed by the system. And what is the system, if not the rules, which should not serve as an excuse, simply because they are unacceptable? And why they don't change?

Only in the last ten years things in Bulgaria have changed significantly. Възможностите за лечение нарастват непрекъснато, equipment and modern medical equipment are entering more and more hospitals, the duration of the so-called. bright period after successful treatment increases, survival too. But that doesn't seem to excite anyone. As well as does not provoke a response of engagement in parallel with the growing morbidity and detection of diseases at a late stage. And if the first is a reflection of progress in medicine, available in our country, the second is a result of the lack of any organized prevention and targeted search for diseases for early detection, when medicine is successful.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a lack of attitude?

It would be a manifestation of attitude, if health is a public value, and its protection – national interest, if an adequate state budget is allocated for the health of the nation, if cancer prevention and successful treatment is a priority health policy, if there are incentives and opportunities for development for good and successful doctors, if patients are seen as people with a future, and not as a statistic.

Instead, we have a health care system, running in a state of deprivation and health policy with ever-changing priorities. Вместо това имаме унизени, dissatisfied and eternally criticized doctors. Instead, we have frightened and distrustful patients, running in crowds abroad. Nothing, that we have a National Anti-Cancer Plan maturing in folders, for which two governments no longer find a place and time and will! Maybe if the cherished attitude is manifested, cancer will not invade such large areas. Maybe our specialists will be happy to be successful in any fight with the disease. Maybe they will be free to fight with all their might to the last for our lives, instead… to send us home. Although by the rules.


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