4 February – every year this is an occasion to talk about love between people


Evgenia Adarska, APOZ: “Although, that I don't like this perspective – struggle, battle, conflict – I realize, that with cancer otherwise it cannot. You can't just leave him alone and look the other way. Life requires fighting cancer. The world understands it and does what is necessary to remind itself, that the threat exists.

Especially on 4 February.

I have always preferred to create circumstances, not to follow them and depend on them. Probably that's why I don't stop working for the perception of nand the risk of cancer as an opportunity, which can be avoided. With understanding, with knowledge, with attitudes and philosophy, who work for us. That's why I like this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = LhGxkGWmeYA

Today, children know, that healthy lifestyle, moving away from bad habits such as excessive alcohol and cigarette use, negative thoughts and defeatist patterns, proper nutrition and systematic exercise - all this promises us health. But I think, that we underestimate love. And she is the basis, weft. She is that, without which all the other measures listed are posture. Without love, life turns from a gift into a given. On the contrary - love makes it magic. Blessings, which is worth fighting for.

I list these words, to call on every human being to love himself, your loved ones, the neighbor. To share the love of others and to give love. Because we all need it like air. And we don't need to face a challenge like cancer, to realize it.”


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