About 350 000 live with a cancer diagnosis


Bulgarian patients have access to the most modern treatment of oncological diseases, but the system is still ineffective in early detection of cancer. Около тази теза се обединиха специалистите, които се включиха в discussion, dedicated to World Cancer Day 04 February.

The discussion was organized by Acibadem City Clinic Oncology Center and the Association of Cancer Patients, and it included national consultants and leading specialists from various fields and fields of medicine.

According to the chairman of the Association of Cancer Patients Evgenia Alexandrova, an unequivocal political will is needed to develop and implement a long-term strategy, aimed at reducing the damage from cancer and reducing its social burden.

“There are good enough examples in Europe and the world of how this is done. Despite the ever-increasing volume of funds, applicable in oncology, patient care has weak links, such as палиативните грижи. It is a profound misconception, that this is the last care of the man, before he left this world. In modern societies, palliative care is an important factor in prolonging life and maintaining its quality in cancer patients.. Друга съществена слабост е разпокъсаността на експертите и медицинските дейности, which patients need. Diagnosed in a hospital, operated in another, aimed at subsequent treatment in the third, is a common situation, which does not allow the patient a minute of peace and security, that someone controls the whole process and that he himself is safe. The decision in favor of the patient is a matter of organization of the process, ergo this is an institutional issue.”, коментира Александрова.

About 350 Thousands of people in Bulgaria currently live with a diagnosis of cancer. The number of newly discovered cases has varied over the last few years about 30 thousands per year, as according to NCPHA data in 2017. they are 30 485. The leading sites are lung cancer, cancer of the digestive system, of the breast in women and of the prostate in men. „These data are not completely accurate, since after the National Cancer Registry ceased to function in 2012 g., the collection of information depends on various organizational and administrative factors. However, the trends are clear. ", разясни националният консултант по медицинска онкология проф. Assen Dudov.

The National Consultant in Thoracic Surgery prof. Danail Petrov stressed, that one of the most common oncological sites in our country, lung cancer, вече не бива да се възприема като присъда. "Literally before I came to this discussion, I met with a patient, whom we treat from this diagnosis. Thanks to the opportunities, which modern methodologies give us, this man and his loved ones have hope, they have a future. ", сподели проф. Petrov.

"We are good at introducing innovations, but we miss the moment with early diagnosis. As far as cervical cancer screening is concerned, for example, Bulgaria is at the level of lagging countries in Africa. ", коментира началникът на Клиниката по лъчелечение и радиохирургия в Аджибадем Сити Клиник д-р Николай Недев. According to him, many women, who suffer from breast cancer and cervical cancer in our country, can be saved, and maintain a high quality of life, if the system stimulates the early detection of these diseases. The two locations affect a total of about 9000 women in our country every year.

The National Consultant in Imaging Diagnostics prof. Galina Kirova announces, че в момента се въвежда авангарден протокол за изследване на жени с висок риск от рак на гърдата. "The program is aimed at women with a moderately high and high risk of breast cancer, determined by their family history, genetic predisposition, features of the breast parenchyma and concomitant diseases, statistically significantly associated with breast cancer. ", обясни проф. Kirov.


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