Dara donates her hair to cancer patients


9-the one-year-old girl has already donated her hair twice, to make wigs for cancer patients.

Two years ago, little Dara decides to lend a hand to her friend with a severe diagnosis, tells her mother Petya Kablanova. On her own initiative, the girl decided to part with her hair. As soon as the scissors played on her head, Dara cuts off, that he would let his long hair down again, to help other people.

So now Dara Masleva's hair is a gift for someone again. He cuts his hair a second time. This time to help the organization, which makes wigs for cancer patients, tells uspelite.bg.

Dara dreams of becoming a veterinarian – to open his own shelter, to help animals. He does not want to see suffering, homeless and hungry four-legged.


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