Dr. Svetlana Gancheva, which helps to overcome the disease elegantly and intelligently


When Fate Has Decided To Challenge You With A Diagnosis Of Cancer, I think she has other plans for you…

It all started with me, not just badly, and very bad – with an untimely diagnosis (despite my conscientiousness over the years), with a problematic and disfiguring biopsy, with wandering and worrying about my path of treatment. I started with bad taste from doctors, on whom I relied early to catch him, to be conscientious and precise, with many questions and doubts about everything that happened and expected. And so I set out on the path of treatment, with chemotherapy.

On my way here I met a lot of specialists. Every week in the hospital I am taken care of by real people - nice ones, dynamic, kind, professionals. But as in other areas of life, it happens among people to meet a special; someone, which you will always remember and which you will talk about differently and emotionally. For me, the special doctor at the moment is Dr. Gancheva!

We see each other almost every week. Even behind the masks I seem to see her smile, that's how I feel it. Although most of the time she looks at the computer screen, where the medical information is, which she interprets, to heal me, in these eyes I find what I need - confidence, that we are going where we need to go. In the beginning, we were both business people; our meetings were quick question and answer sessions. She was calm and balanced, he gave me that feeling too. The way, which so far "leads" me makes me feel, that I sail in a ship across the sea with floating icebergs, but with a very experienced captain.

I love how it treats – and elegant and intelligent - I have no question, whether it was insignificant or non-standard left unanswered, I do not have an email, to which she did not answer me in time, not even in words, that we will talk about it at our next meeting. He explains enough to me, skillfully controls the possible anxiety of not losing motivation, realistically commented on my condition, if necessary, it would manifest itself unexpectedly, no fine humor.

Thus, along with the disease, Fate meets me with people, some of which are more special, restores and increases my faith in the good and in people, gives me a completely different perspective on life, priorities in it and reading the relationship.

And if the diagnosis of "cancer" is a long and difficult journey, for some, perhaps the most important is the last station. For me, however, the journey itself matters!

With it you learn your lessons and reconfigure your life views. Some special people are needed for this purpose – doctors in capital letters, which are an amalgam of high professional abilities and personal nature and qualities like Dr. Gancheva!

Mrs. Yolita Boteva thanked Dr. Svetlana Gancheva from Acibadem City Clinic – Youth.


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