Let's make vaccines better for everyone, by reporting suspected side effects


Executive Agency for Medicines (IAL) launches one-week campaign to promote the importance of reporting suspected post-vaccination adverse reactions.

The sixth annual Pharmacovigilance Week campaign is taking place during the period 1-7 November 2021 g., focusing on vaccines.

Drug agencies from 64 countries will encourage health professionals, teams of national vaccination programs, as well as people, who have been vaccinated, these, who take care of them, и семействата им да съобщават за проблеми, arising in connection with vaccines, включително ваксините срещу COVID-19.

Ваксините са на-добрият начин за защита от инфекциозни болести и вече са спасили живота на милиони хора. As with all medicines, vaccines can cause side effects. By reporting suspected side effects to the Executive Agency for Medicines, you are helping to identify new side effects and gather more information about known side effects..

Every message matters. Therefore, we advise all people not to procrastinate and not to wait for someone else to report their doubts. Medical professionals, especially these, who administer vaccines, се насърчават да обсъждат нежеланите реакции с пациентите и да следят за нови или редки подозирани нежелани реакции на ваксините.

This campaign is coming at a critical time, when millions of people are vaccinated against COVID-19, но така също се отнася и за всички ваксини.

Reporting suspected adverse reactions to the BDA plays a key role in assisting the agency in monitoring the safe use of all vaccines., to protect public health through effective regulatory action.

By working together and sharing information, we can make vaccines better for everyone.



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