Evgenia Adarska: We are not flatterers

After yesterday's meeting in GERB with patient organizations, the chairman of APOZ Evgenia Adarska sent a position to the media:

I find it unfair to show disrespect for civil society organizations, which is due to the development of many public sectors. We are not flatterers. We are not a filling of any formation with a political profile and ambitions. We have always strived for partnership with the state, of which she has no reason to be ashamed. We treat it with respect as an institution, for which there should be no higher value than the good of its citizens.

“In connection with a press release from a political headquarters, flooded the media space and represented patient organizations in the unsympathetic role of benefactors, I consider it necessary to express my personal opinion to a public figure with more than 10 years of unreserved, daily work to change health policies in the direction of more care for cancer patients in Bulgaria and reduce the damage from this terrible disease for Bulgarian society. The results of the activities of our organization are not only a fact, but they also extend in directions, developing and improving important for all of us aspects such as the dialogue between patient and doctor, care for the psychological comfort of medical professionals, adding psychological care and training programs for patients, rehabilitation and social adaptation programs, work to change public attitudes in favor of tolerance towards the sick, increased budget, increased access to modern treatment, including programs for further training and advanced training of medical specialists.

Civil society organizations have no color or political affiliation – otherwise they would not be civil society organizations, and something else. While, so much so, insofar as any change depends on political decisions, civil society organizations have a duty to work with politicians, and this is the shortest way to get the needs of people from different vulnerable groups to discuss and find the right solutions..

The published press release distorts in the unhealthy for the society direction the commitment of the civil, in the case of patients, organizations to sift through any policy concept for important sectors such as health and to soberly orientate how to organize their modest resources, to achieve benefits for those, who have entrusted their problems to them, without the end result depending on color, political beliefs and conflicts on this basis "


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