When we talk about medical errors, we must also protect the rights of doctors, and patients' rights


How to judge what is a medical error and what is not? Recently, even lawyers said, that it is necessary to have a clear definition of the concept. The issue was raised again in the public sphere, after it became clear yesterday, that five years in prison threaten doctors because of the deceased recently 3 years old mother Deyana Georgieva. The woman died 42 days after she had given birth and gone through several hospitals. According to BNews, six people have already been charged. Relatives blame the medics, and the doctors, for their part, are adamant, that they did everything in their power.

At the same time, in a TV report, a woman complained, that she lived 20 years with gauze in the abdomen, as claimed, that this is the result of a medical error. However, the court will still decide. What to do in the system, за да се избегнат подобни случаи.

according to me, when talking about medical errors, professional organization has a key role to play, in this case that of the Medical Union. All over the world, medics are respected only by their professional organizations. They are the people, which can define a situation, to say whether there is a mistake and whether there is a case of deviation from the rules of good medical practice. I do not think, that medical error can be a legal concept. It can be that way, but on the basis of the expertise of the Medical Union.

So, on the one hand, we really need to make such a definition and know if there is such a concept, but this could not be just a projection of legal work. It should be prepared in conjunction with experts. And in each case, first hear the opinion of experts. There is a certain percentage of medical errors all over the world, obviously this cannot be avoided. But a legal basis can be created, which protects the rights of both the patient, and the doctor.

As for the creation of a register of medical errors, I think it will be more useful for the community itself, because it will give some picture. Although it could be purely educational. But I don't think so, that a register should be drawn up only to accumulate guilt somewhere. The idea in my view is rather to know the objective situation where and in which area there are actions beyond the permissible.


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