Advanced breast cancer - focus of the second edition of the Oncology Academy for Nurses


The Association of Cancer Patients, in partnership with the Bulgarian Oncological Research Society and the Bulgarian Association of Healthcare Professionals, realizes the second, spring edition of the Onco Academy for nurses, as part of the serious program of the Conference on Medical Oncology 2017 r. In the two-day training, with a focus on metastatic breast cancer, as well as the psychological aspects of the disease, participated more than 70 nurses from specialized oncology hospitals across the country.

Highlights in the medical module – from non-adjuvant treatment, through new targeted therapeutic alternatives and biotechnological drugs to proactive management of typical side effects – were placed by specialists of the Medical Oncology Clinic Acibadem City Clinic Oncology Center, recommended by the Bulgarian Oncology Society. All medical information was considered through the prism of the role of the nurse in the complex process of treatment of advanced breast cancer.

"The second edition of the Oncology Academy focuses on the difficulties facing a very vulnerable group of women - those with advanced breast cancer. For them, improving and maintaining the quality of life is extremely important, against the background of serious treatment. The role of the nurse and the attending physician is much more engaging, so it is valuable to invest in everyone's dialogue and knowledge of patients and their experiences. ”, commented Evgenia Alexandrova, President of the Association of Cancer Patients.

The second day of the training was dedicated to the psychological and social aspects of metastatic breast cancer. Alexander Milanov, clinical social worker at Acibadem City Clinic, commented, that the dialogue with the patient and the knowledge of his emotional state, as well as the assessment of social functioning, can improve the quality of life and inform nurses about possible problems and solutions in the care of patients with advanced breast cancer. The clinical psychologist and chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Psychooncology Dr. Margarita Tarein emphasized the difficult conversations about the diagnosis and death, presenting the role of nurses in accompanying patients in the disease and the important aspects of communication and interaction between them. The seminar ended with a demonstration Balint group, in which a case study was discussed, and the communication between a nurse and a "difficult" patient was analyzed.

In their recommendations to APOZ, the participants point out the need for systematic practical training, focused on the psychological and social aspects of cancer, as well as to learn about patients' experiences and needs.

Photos: BAPZG


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