Evgenia Alexandrova: "Patients have a choice and this is their basic right"


"The use of drugs outside the expiration date is something, which I can't swallow. ", Evgenia Alexandrova said in the program "This Morning" on bTV, President of the Association of Cancer Patients. According to her situations, as the accusation against the manager of SBALO, рушат крехкото доверие на пациентите към системата и ги тласкат да правят стъпки за лечение в чужбина. "This is happening in a significantly improved situation for Bulgarian oncology patients, as well as achievements, which are a fact. ”, коментира Александрова.

"The turbulence of interests sweeps away the interest of patients.", withEvgenia Alexandrova also appeared in the morning block of bTV. She added, that an anti-cancer plan is needed, as discussed by oncology societies, but which still does not exist in our country.

"People abroad will not get anything different from Bulgaria. That is why I would like to remind you, that patients have more choice, that they should raise their criteria for hospitals and doctors. Everything in our country is over 30 oncology hospitals. ”, commented Evgenia Alexandrova.


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