Dr. Antoaneta Tomova, which changes lives


Dr. Antoaneta Tomova, specialist-oncologist at KOC-Plovdiv and her patient Vanya Trifonova became heroes in the national campaign "For cancer - with hope" of the Institute of Health Education. She presents short films about the inspiring relationship between doctor and patient in their fight against cancer, faith and hope in medical discoveries. The pilot first film of the campaign was shot in Plovdiv.

Vanya Trifonova works as an expert in the "North" region. No one can give her years, of which it is. Cancer came into her life before 15 years. He goes through the whole course of treatment - surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy. Accepts as its mission to support, informs and encourages women, who are yet to face the diagnosis. "Fear. Fear for my children, who are already grown up and independent, how will they cope without me and my husband, with whom we had never parted. This "without me" terrified me. That was the strongest emotion, when I ran into cancer ", Vanya remembers.

She has the opportunity to be treated abroad, but chooses Plovdiv. "It's a race against time. It is not good to look for an option outside the country, when we have such good specialists here. The healing process is not just surgery. The therapies follow, observation, when you enter remission. I have never looked for a shiny clinic or hotel conditions, I chose the doctors, who coped well with my illness and still follow me every six months, where else will I find it?“, she adds.

One of these fateful meetings is with Dr. Antoaneta Tomova, specialist in medical oncology, head of the chemotherapeutic department in KOC-Plovdiv. She became not only her doctor, and a life companion, confessor and counselor on all matters, which excite a woman - nutrition, breathing, movement, cosmetics, practices and techniques for self-knowledge and self-help. Dr. Tomova admits, that he often writes book titles on his recipes, which will help her patients cope more quickly with the fear and shock of the diagnosis.

"Vanya could have chosen Turkey, to choose Germany, but she chose us. She trusted us completely and I convinced her, that in the face of the entire multidisciplinary team at the hospital she has a guarantee, that everything will be done according to the rules of best practices in oncology. We have the whole panel of drugs, which normal countries have, patients receive them through the Health Insurance Fund ", says Dr. Tomova.

Following the tips, Vanya is undergoing chemotherapy. And there are already alternatives, which replace chemotherapy and are used in COCs- Plovdiv, there are also ways to preserve the patient's hair, he should not feel unwell, not to change his daily life. "If I didn't believe it, that cancer is treatable, I wouldn't do that. The pace of development in oncology is very fast, I think, that there is no other medical field, in which there has been so much progress in such a short time and I am delighted and inspired, because they give a much better chance to our patients, give hope for them ", shares Dr. Tomova.


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