What do patients expect from the European anti-cancer plan


Every modern person must make health his personal priority and commitment, to anticipate any disease. This does not absolve the institutions of responsibility. The public consciousness is still saturated with many negative perceptions and assessments about cancer, but slowly with a lot of talking it changes.

This was noted to Radio Sofia by Evgenia Alexandrova, Chairman of the Association of Cancer Patients (APOZ):

"Let's not bury our heads in the sand. The conditions, in which we live, bursting with carcinogens. Even interpersonal relationships can be a factor in cancer. It is time to think about values ​​and ways, on which we live. "

According to Alexandrova for European Cancer Plan patients should not be listened to, not even the institutions, and experts.

"The patient expects a well-organized health system. Access to a specialist should be easy and secure. A plan must be created in Bulgaria, to allow the synchronization of oncology care and its organizational model to this, which the European Plan has described as important. "

Evgenia Alexandrova pointed to a European initiative, in which it calls for those who have successfully suffered from cancer to be "forgotten" - in front of banking institutions, in front of employers, insurers, to be complete.

Listen to the full interview here:

Source: BNR, Radio Sofia


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