EuropaColon: Those dying from colorectal (of the large and small intestine) cancer per day in Europe are as many passengers on 12 bus


March is the European Colon Cancer Awareness Month (eCCAS), and the title of the initiative in for 2018 is #TimeChange (#Time4Change). The awareness initiative started earlier 10 years of the Eurocolon organization. Traditionally, a meeting is held every year in the European Parliament in Brussels, which marks the beginning of the initiative.

Annually in Europe around 470 000 people are diagnosed with colorectal cancer, the statistics show. Unfortunately, there is an alarming trend – from colon cancer to die people under 50 years.

Through 2018 g., within the EuropaColon initiative poses the question “Have we done enough?”?

We are committed to preventing death and improving people's quality of life, affected by colorectal cancer. Collaborative work and committed advocacy is key to the success of our efforts.”, says Jola Gore-Booth, founder and CEO of EuropaColon.

"We believe, that in order to increase the life expectancy of people with colorectal cancer, action should be taken to inform the public and provide access to screening. The earlier the disease is detected, the more possible the cure”, commented Evgenia Alexandrova, Chairman of the Association of Cancer Patients in Bulgaria.


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